CAMP Pronuts Set



A full set of Pro Nuts. Pro Nuts are a great value as they cover a similar range with seven sizes as nine sizes take in other brands (this also helps to reduce overall rack weight). Compared to many curved wedges, Pro Nuts have a broader face for greater surface contact. In addition, the upper and lower corners are more rounded and the outer face has horizontal groves. These features make Pro Nuts very secure yet easier to clean than other wedges.

  • Curved design provides secure placements and easy removal
  • Grooves help with setting and extraction in hard stone
  • Color-coded heads for faster selection


Ref. Product Name Weight Range Strength
g oz min
1038 Pro Nut N.1 12 0.4 7 13 4
Pro Nut N.2 20 0.7 10 16 8
Pro Nut N.3 30 1.1 13 20 10
Pro Nut N.4  37 1.3 15 23 10
Pro Nut N.5  41 1.4 18 27 10
Pro Nut N.6  47 1.7 20 29 10
Pro Nut N.7  55 1.9 23 33 10


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