Next Slackline Workshop

We don’t have any slackline workshops planned for the next months. If you are interested in our slackline workshops or private lessons, please contact us.

If you are interested in running a slackline event and would like to see some of our previous events, check out our Events page:

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Interested in running a Slacklining Event? This is a great activity for team building, introducing first timers to the sport, or just to have fun and learn some new skills! We have run hugely successful events in the past with Wanderlust, ClimbFit and SheWentWild.

Unable to attend our next co-ed slacklining workshop? We are always happy to teach private slacklining classes too, for any enquries please contact us via:

M: 0430 072 670

Frequently Asked Questions

Slacklining itself is fundamentally a very simplistic sport – you stand up and try and walk on a thin piece of webbing. But this simplistic sport takes all of your focus to have any chance of success. One of the primary reasons why slacklining is so rewarding is that the challenge is not just physical but also mental.

If you take part in one of our slacklining workshops, you will learn to control both your body and your mind.

What is slacklining?

Well its a bit like tight rope walking (in appearance), but its experience is similar to nothing. This makes it a very challenging sport in the beginning, but so rewarding in the long run.

What are the benefits of slacklining?

Slacklining is really all about mind-body control, meaning if you lose control of your mind you will lose control of the line.

To control the line itself also requires many stabilising muscles in your arms and legs – there are many studies which have shown slacklining to be hugely beneficial in speeding up recovery from knee injuries and other leg injuries.

Slacklining will make you much more aware of your surroundings (proprioception), knowing where your body is in space is a very important part of balance and efficient movement. So slacklining can improve many other sports or activities that you do without you even realising it.

Why is it so hard?

Slacklining is super hard at the start because there is nothing really similar to it, so our body has to learn a new way of moving, its almost like learning to walk again. Once your legs have the necessary stabilising muscles the sport will get easier and easier, but there are always more ways to push yourself in this sport, thats why its so addictive.

Why bother trying it, if its so hard?

For most people the reward is in overcoming the challenge. Slacklining is one of those sports that for most people seems impossible when you first try it. There really is nothing more satisfying then turning the impossible into possible.

What will I learn from a FeetOffGround Slacklining Workshop?

Having taught many many people how to slackline (including ourselves!), we have a really detailed understanding in how to train for this sport properly. We can explain how to build up progressively so your body is building the right muscles to help you. How to deal with failure so you don’t give up at the first obstacle, this can have huge effects on anything else that you try afterwards as well. And how to improve safely and symmetrically so your body stays in balance – which is what the sport is all about!

We also show you how to keep it fun, because this sport should never feel like work.