Feet Off Ground – Pro Team

Shawn Mclaren – Feet Off Ground Co-Founder – “Zen Liner”

Shawn began his slacklining journey in 2014, discovering the sport whilst on a climbing trip in Thailand. Shawn has a background in Engineering and Yoga. He brings out a mindful and analytical approach to slacklining and has always loved the act of being in the present moment whilst on the line.

Max Penel

Max Penel – Feet Off Ground Co-Founder – “Jack of all trades

Max Penel came to slacklining with a background in snowboarding and climbing. After overcoming many mental obstacles whilst highlining, Max has found new confidence and has used this to master new skills/sports such as surfing, calisthenics and kite surfing.

Arthur Pera

Arthur Pera – Feet Off Ground Athlete – “Trickline Master

Arthur Pera discovered slacklining in Brazil and was instantly hooked by tricklining. After moving to Australia, Arthur discovered highlining and quickly progressed, he is one of the top freestyle highliners in Australia and is able to link many bounce tricks together whilst on the highline.