FeetOffGround was co-foundered by Shawn Mclaren and Max Penel. We are super passionate about slacklining, adventures and taking slacklining to new heights. We are the current holders of the Australian Highline Record (130m), and are always establishing new slacklining areas around Australia and the World. We started FeetOffGround to make slacklining more accessible and to bring the constant innovation happening in this sport to more people.

At FeetOffGround we are all about bringing the world of slacklining to you. Our services include:

  • Slackline workshops
  • Event promotions
  • Brand promotions
  • Slackline gear

We currently work with the following brands:

  • WanderLust
  • SheWentWild
  • ClimbFit
  • Flow Lab Yoga
  • Adventure Time
  • Yoga Hotspot
  • Mountain Equipment
  • Slackline Australia
  • Sandmarc



Slackline Gathering Australia

Photo by: Ryan Jay Sayan