Feet Off Ground has been involved in many events all over Australia – setting up slacklines and trickline demos is a great way to captivate an audience. It’s also very interactive so the audience can get involved and see the challenge thats involved. If you or your organisation are interested in running an event involving slacklining please:

On NYE 2018 Feet Off Ground and Wollongong Council collaborated to put on quite a show for the mass audience that turned up at the harbour side. Max Penel and Arthur Pera taught some of the next generation their first steps on a slackline on the beach. Afterwards they both walked on 2 slacklines over the water right before the fireworks went off! Great fun for the whole family!

December 31st 2018 – Feet Off Ground Slackline Demo & Workshop

Feet Off Ground put on an epic Trickline Demo outside the Seymour Centre in Sydney right before the 2018 Radical Reels Film Tour. It also gives the audience a chance to try the slacklines and feel how challenging it can be.

Radical Reels 2018 Trickline Demo

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 Feet Off Ground has collaborated with Climb Fit to run one the most unique and interactive events called the Balance Lab. This is an event where everyone gets to become a kid again, learning new skills and discovering their potential.

Balance Lab 2017 in collaboration with Climb Fit
Balance Lab 2016 in collaboration with Climb Fit

See some of our other events below:

  • NYE 2018 Fireworks Display – Wollongong Council
  • Urban Maxxx Adventure Race
    • Slackline Checkpoint Activity
  • Radical Reels – Trickline demo
  • Market for Your Mind – Mosman Council
    • Interactive slackline for Youth to destress
  • The Balance Lab – ClimbFit
    • Group Workshop for anyone
  • SheWentWild Womens Adventure Expo
    • Interactive Slackline for woman adventurers
  • Wanderlust Yoga Festival – Bondi Beach
    • Interactive Slackline for yogis to test their balance