November 2017 Slackline Workshop


What is slacklining? It’s a bit like tight rope walking (in appearance), but the experience is like nothing else. The line is loose or slack so it will react to any movements you make, making it difficult but addictive.

What you will learn? You will learn how to stabilise your legs and core in order to control the line. Perhaps more importantly, you will learn how to focus your mind.


Tuesday nights! Since daylight savings is now in full swing, we will run our next slackline workshop on Tuesday night.

Feet off the Ground will run this Tuesday night workshop in November. It will be a 3 week workshop series in Slackline fundamentals. If you are looking to learn more about this beautiful way of movement come along. Our highly skilled instructors will break down the building blocks necessary to actually succeed in the sport, all the while keeping things fun and light hearted.

Timing will be Tuesdays 6-7.30pm – dates are as follows:

  • 14th November
  • 21st November
  • 28th November


Beginners or intermediates. Since we only teach to small groups, we can very easily adapt our teaching to the level of the students. We teach a maximum 12 people – with 6 people (or less) per instructor.


Prince Alfred Park – next to Sydney Central Station.


There’s only one way to learn slacklining and that is with practice! So join us for evenings of fun, laughter and skill. Book in here:


Because its so much fun! Slacklining is also the closest thing to moving meditation, because you have to stay so concentrated and in tune with your surroundings the whole time – this makes it both a mental and physical challenge.

Balance is so important in so many sports and also just in terms of awareness and injury avoidance. In slacklining – balance is absolutely pivotal as you’re trying to stand and walk on a piece of webbing no wider than a 50c piece (1inch). So you will learn a skill that will help improve your posture and avoid injuries, as well as help you in any other sport you do.

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3 thoughts on “November 2017 Slackline Workshop

  1. Hi guys,
    I would love to do your November, Tuesday workshop. I already have something to attend on the evening of the 14th so that won’t work for me. Are you planning another one soon?

    • Hi Steven,

      Thanks for your comment! The next workshop probably won’t be until February. It may be worth to sign up for this workshop and come and then either do a private workshop before then, or go to our community meet up to give it a go there. Let me know if you want more information on this?


      Feet Off Ground Co-Founder

      • Hi Shawn,
        Yes please send me more information. I would much prefer doing a training in November as opposed to waiting till Feb. What are some possible ways of going about this?

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